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Gulf Fritillary 15Ibis 16Ibis 15Ibis 17Great Blue Heron 10Tybee Lighthouse Sunset 1Tybee Island Sunset 2Dragonfly 109Dragonfly 110Black Crowned Night Heron Juvenile 1Black Crowned Night Heron Juvenile 2Diamondback Rattlesnake 2Gator 83Double Crested Cormorant Juvenile 1Tricolored Heron & Gator 2Tricolored Heron 22Harris Neck Woody Pond 1Moon 12/12/2016Avian WildlifePink Rose 12

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Noel Shockley(non-registered)
nice work Julie!
Paula Farris-Reed(non-registered)
Lovely new photos Julie! Perhaps someday you can publish a book on fowl of Georgia!
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