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This is a collection of a few shots from each gallery that are my personal favorites or what I think is my best work.

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Keywords:animals, birds, dragonflies, flowers, insects, mammals, moon, nature, people, reflections, reptiles, river, scenery, sunset, wildlife

Tybee Island Lighthouse & SwingCardinalSeagull FlightTrain 1The Perfect Cast 2Sparks A Flyin'Blue HeronEastern Bluebird 1Great Egret With CatchMuscovy Duck & DucklingKeeping A Watchful EyeThe TakeoffMagnoliaPollination 1Poppy Macro 1Poppy Macro 2Poppy Macro 3Peach Rose On BlackGulf Fritillary 6Goody's Close Up 2

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Nice work, Julie!
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